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Sex Games Online — For Grown-Up Children

Sex games with girlsWhat are the associations that come to your mind when you think of sex games? An answer to this question divides all people into two major categories. For some people, the first association with sex games would be their first PC with "Leisure Suit Larry" installed. Other people would think of alluring sex games with prostitutes and their friends at a cottage, or fantasize of girls dressed as nurses or Japanese schoolgirls who deserve some “special” punishment… ;)

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2014-07-24 03:47

Virtual Sex: As It Was, And As It Is

Ukrainian webcam girl in a chatFor most people, “virtual sex” is associated with something obscene, raunchy and simply childish. And the reason is that there’s a strong old stereotype that virtual sex is just sex texting in a chat where virtual lovers describe in words what they are kinda doing, and what they kinda feel at that moment.

But such stereotypes do not reflect the real life situation today...

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2014-01-19 17:43

Virtual Sex in a Chat: Perversion or Norm?

A girl from a sex chatThose who have but a vague idea of webcam chats and modern adult entertainment industry, are often rigid in blaming the chat participants of indecent behaviour and tend to defame everything which is out of their hypocrite notion of morality and decency. It is not uncommon to hear from them that all web-models are filthy sluts, and those watching them online are dirty perverts who seek sex in chats since they cannot get it in real life.

But is it actually true?

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2013-08-27 21:05