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Virtual Sex in a Chat: Perversion or Norm?

Those who have but a vague idea of webcam chats and modern adult entertainment industry, are often rigid in blaming the chat participants of indecent behaviour and tend to defame everything which is out of their hypocrite notion of morality and decency. It is not uncommon to hear from them that all web-models are filthy sluts, and those watching them online are dirty perverts who seek sex in chats since they cannot get it in real life.

But is it actually true?

Let’s start with busting the first myth. If you are not orthodox enough to call any girl in a bikini a whore, but will take a look at our list of Russian webcam models — you’ll see that web-models are not lascivious harlots, but rather ordinary girls-next-door, often college coeds, whom you can meet every day in the streets. It should be noted, though, that only the cutest of them go to work in webcam videochats, since only those with sex-appealing look and manners will make profit there.

Web-model Evangelion in a sex chatIt’s in a woman’s nature to seduce men with alluring body language of erotic dance and lovely chatting. And if there’s a way to earn some dollars for that — who would forfeit such a chance? But working as a prostitute involves many inherent negative moments, which turns most girls off. These include higher risk of STD, potential threat of brutal treatment by clients (it is not uncommon that prostitutes are gang-raped, fucked in ass without lubricant, or forced to deepthroat), also there is always an issue with law, which should not be neglected… On the other hand working as a model in a webcam chat, a girl is safe from all the negative factors mentioned above. In webcam sex videochats, there is no physical contact with a web-model: there’s only an eye contact, i.e. the contact between a webcam model and a client is purely visual, made of watching and desiring. A webcam sex is somewhat like striptease, but with a stronger emotional connection between a client and a girl. It can also be compared with old-school phone sex, but in the Internet everything takes place for real, not just in a man’s fantasy.

Web-model Ursyla in a sex chatStill, no one in sane mind would call a stripper or a phone girl “a whore”, right? Therefore, it is neither acceptable to apply this tag to sex chat models. Of course, there will always be individuals for whom any nude girl (be it for an erotic photoshoot, or when going to a nude beach, etc.) is fallen and abandoned, but let’s not take such Amish opinions seriously.


Now let’s get back to the second part of the question. How “immoral” or “perverse” is it to watch young girls undress on a webcamera, sitting at home in front of a monitor? Again, of course, everyone has own notion of what a perversion is, but still it is unlikely that you would call perverts those who go to a strip club or watch porn. Adult videochats in this case ain’t any different from a striptease show or a porn clip, with the only difference that in Russian webcam videochats you can chat with a model in her chatroom and direct your own scenario. Therefore, obviously, it is not correct to say that sex chats are for perverts, unless you consider it perverse to desire for sex in its diversity.

Visitors of Russian erotic videochats are of various age, social status, credit standing, etc., but what makes them all alike is the ability to enjoy the beauty of a naked female body and a thirst for new sensations in sex, a desire to make sexual fantasies true with young Russian beauties online.

If you feel this is perverse — you are free to leave this site. Otherwise, welcome to — a website about Ukrainian and Russian models in webcam!

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Arin 2015-03-14 17:54:
Amen to that. You will be the laughing stock of evonyere around you once they figure out who the pig is you are with. We laugh all day long in Newport when we see the Sugarbaby crews because nobody treats them the same as a real girl. They are always considered hired help and since they are not from the same social class, they are treated as such. You just keep them around for entertainment but you never are going to invest in it. Less than 1% of these pigs ever amount to anything despite what all the liars try to say on here. I live in this area and life is not what is portrayed here.
fayz 2014-02-25 02:38:

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