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Virtual Sex: As It Was, And As It Is

For most people, virtual sex Virtual sex and real life(aka "cybersex") is associated with something obscene, raunchy and simply childish. And the reason is that there’s a strong old stereotype that virtual sex is just sex texting in a chat where virtual lovers describe in words what they are kinda doing, and what they kinda feel at that moment. But of course, actually none of them really “slowly takes off the pants” and does not “pounds her pussy passionately” — both partners are just sitting with their laptops and typing tons of messages out of their sexual fantasies. In most cases, a woman who says she’s a teen blonde co-ed in a sexy lingerie turns out to be a wary housewife in her mid-forties, bundled in an old gown and slippers, while her kinda athletic golden-skin lover with somewhat wavy black hair turns out to be a regular clerk in boxers and with a beer belly, having some fun until a wife comes back home. And that is not the worst case, by the way, as those are not rare situations when virtual sex partners turn out to be of the same sex, afterall, which gives life to numerous jokes and pranks ;)


But such stereotypes do not reflect the real life situation today. Sex texting is now a resort of those highly enthusiastic on writing, while the majority of virtual sex lovers have already mastered new Internet technologies and prefer virtual sex via Skype. Indeed, having virtual sex on a webcam is way more fun than just sexual fantasies based on a typed text. Erotic stories and descriptions are good for developing imagination and speed typing with one hand, but it is always better to see a naked partner rather to imagine him/her based on a fake description. That’s why various social networks now abound in messages like “Girls who like virtual sex in Skype, please write me!”, or “I wanna find a girl for a virtual sex on webcam, for free!”.


Virtual sex in a webcam chatStill, webcams not only boosted the popularity of virtual sex in the Internet, but also played a partially negative role as well. Now, when not only you see your partner live, but he (she) sees you as well — there’s no longer a possibility to pretend being a cool stud with a 10-inch cock, while scratching your hairy nuts in holed pants at the same time (it’s not a problem, though, when having virtual sex via online sex videochats — in such webcam chats only you see the girl, while she does not see you). It’s also much harder for girls as well, as they need not only to seduce a guy with sexy phrases, but also show herself naked on a webcam — and this is a challenge that not every girl can do.
Hence, lately the virtual sex fans separated into two major groups: those preferring sexting (as their real look leaves much to be desired) and those who took a step into the next stage of virtual sex realm — webcam sex chats.


It’s not a secret that the major demand for sex was always from men more than from women. And it’s a common knowledge that men get horny from from they see (and not from what they read) — that’s the key reason why sex on webcam growing so much more popular than old-school virtual sex in text chats. On the other hand, not all men are ready to show themselves on a webcamera, and the reasons may be quite various: shyness, diffidence in own appearance, fear of seeing the record of own private show in the Internet later on, absence of a webcam for virtual sex, etc. It is for such men (and the majority of men are just like that) that sex videochats are a better alternative to a virtual sex in Skype: now you can enjoy watching a naked girl, staying invisible for her and for anyone. And what is also important, in ertoic videochats you’ll find really beautiful girls, since girls with mediocre look naturally fall out of webcam biz as they are not popular among men. Nonetheless, sex videochats give chances for success for girls with quite various eye look, if those girls have natural born sex appeal, as each man has own idea of hour an ideal girl should look like. That’s why our catalogue of camgirls gives options for everyone to find a girl that would match your desired parameters, such as height, weight, hair colour, breast size, etc. — and then jump directly to her private room.



Still, in spite of all the aforementioned, Cybersex with a camgirl many people do prefer virtual sex by texting (which is now commonly called "sexting") rather than visiting webcam sex chats.
Why? There are many reasons to that, from a psychological fear of eye-contacting a new unknown partner and then undressing to that total stranger, to a plain unawareness that new sex videochats exist in the Internet and are enjoyed by millions of people. Of course, there are also people who know all the ins and outs, and still prefer sex texting to virtual sex via webcam. Every cloud has its silver lining, and both types of virtual sex have their pros and cons.


The advantages of virtual sex in text chats (aka "sexting") are:

  • full anonymity of partners (you can lie about your name, age, look);
  • lower requirements to technical equipment (sex texting does not require to have a webcamera and broadband Internet);
  • possibility to have virtual sex in situations when you cannot find a secluded place, hidden from prying eyes (in an office, in an Internet cafe, in a 1-bed apartment when a wife and children are nearby, etc.);
  • more space for imagination (in texting, you can have virtual sex standing on a top of Niagara Fall, or in a basement of a sexual predator).


Virtual sex in webcam chats (aka "cybering"), to the contrary, can boast of the following advantages:

  • real vision of a real sex partner, which stimulates a better hard-on;
  • possibility to hear the voice of your sex partner, and to speak live (and the hands remain free from typing, which is also important ;));
  • frustrating “surprises” are completely excluded (like the situations when after having virtual sex you learn that you had it not with a young girl, but with an old queer, who pretended to be that girl);
  • a wide choice of girls to any taste, at any time.


Thus, it is definitely true that both textual and visual sex chats will have their adepts among the virtual sex lovers, but in the years to come more and more people will switch to virtual sex via webcam, unless the adult entertainment industry will go further and come up with a device that will not only transmit a person’s look and voice, but also their scent, touches… But what will then differ virtual sex from real one, in such a case? :)

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