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In exUSSR (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia), erotic video chats have not been a popular adult entertainment up until lately, when webcams became cheaper, so that many cute Russian teens can afford buying one.

Of course, there were plenty of Russian sex chats before the webcam era, but they were mostly text chats, hence of no use for users from abroad who couldn’t speak Russian well. Now the situation has changed, and recently there emerged a couple of Russian webcam chats with web-models often more beautiful than those at American or European sites! Here below I’ve written a brief review of such sites, purportedly naming only the trustable ones with good reputation (no fraud ever happened) and English interface. The majority of girls there speak fluent English and are always glad to chat and perform a private show for a foreigner with dollars ;) Some of these sexy Russian girls are pretty innocent and shy, flushing when asked to show the body or strip for a man, while others are real lustful whores ready to obey all and any your commands. Full striptease, masturbation, oral sex with a dildo, vaginal or anal sex with a vibrator, fisting, pissing or… you name it! These Russian webcam girls will make all your dreams and filthy fantasies come true!


So, choose any site from the list below, register, and get ready to make virtual sex with the best teenage web-models that Russian webcam sex chats have to offer! (arguably the best Russian sex video chat) — one of the first webcam chats in Russia, which many consider the best erotic video chat in the whole exUSSR. Alluring design, lusty bodacious babes, high-quality streaming, which allows seeing all the girls’ tits and pussies to the minute details — what else does a man need to relax and give way to fantasies with the cutest Russian webcam chicks?...

At the dawn of its existence, had a set of strict rules, forbidding web-models even to show up topless in free chat. But later on the rules got more tolerable, and now it is not rare to see girls take off pants in front of a camera for tips, or even insert sex-toys in a pussy and rub the clit with fingers. On the other hand, there are also many young and innocent Russian virgins, who are a bit afraid to go in a private mode, and they flush and try to cover a cunt with hands when made to strip. You are free to choose just whatever you like most… )

All in all, this Russian sex chat has four viewing modes:

  1. Free chat — available for 3:00 minutes per day for non-registered users, and unlimited time after a one-time registration, therefore I’d recommend to register in advance, so not to hassle with registration once you’d want to watch a horny Russian babe private show;
  2. Private chat — when going in private chat, you are one-on-one with a model chick, so you can ask her to do whatever you want: usually girls undress at your wish, expose their tits and holes in close-ups to the webcamera, and may even masturbate or fuck themselves with dildos, or perform other actions to satisfy your sexual whims. Still, it should always be kept in mind that some girls may be too shy or too innocent to perform very explicit sexual acts on camera, so if your desires are a bit kinky (like a “golden shower”, or several fingers in the ass at once) — you’d better discuss it with a webmodel in advance, while in a free chat. Please remember that many Russian webcam models are virgins, hence they are afraid to lose virginity if she has to stuff something too big inside her pussy.
  3. Group private show — a feature specific to only, and I haven’t ever seen such an option at other Russian adult videochats. When opting for a group private chat, you share the private room and private chat with another person, so there are two men in an online room (plus a model girl, of course), and you also share the cost per minute, so each of you pays just half of the price for seeing exactly the same as you would in traditional private chat. An excellent choice for those looking for a cheaper price for the same erotic show.
  4. Peep show — the cheapest way to see naked Russian girls in a private show, when you need to save money. The price for peeping is usually quite affordable for anyone (starting as low as $0.15 per minute), and still it allows you to watch the same erotic sex show that you would see in a private mode. The only drawback is that you won’t be able to talk to a webmodel when in “peeping” mode, and she’ll do what the other man (who invited her to a private mode) instructs her to do, and not what you might wish to.


Summing Up: To pay or not to pay — it’s up to you. But I would recommend to visit the site and at least register there, so that you’ll be able to watch erotic webcam shows for free and chat without any restrictions. The site and the girls there are worth it. (which is also commonly known as “video-girls") — is another top Russian videochat for adults. The rules for webmodels are somewhat stricter there, so you are not likely to see explicit webcam porn in a free chat there (that’s the motto of “Erotic only, no porn!”), although the girls often try to dance naked in front of a webcamera, so that someone will take her to a private chat quicker. And in a private room you are one-on-one with the model, and are free to make her do whatever you want — the only thing that may curb your fantasy and lust is the amount of credits at your account.

By the way, the price for a private chat is fixed for all girls there, and makes up approximately $1 per minute. There’s no option for peeping, so you may be sure that there are no prying eyes when you have invited a model to a private chat. Although, in addition to the private mode, there’s also a so-called “paid chat”, the price for which is set by each model at her own discretion, but usually the price is within $0.2-0.5 per minute. A “paid chat” allows several persons to be in the chat room at the same time, therefore in this mode girls usually just undress, strip-dance, masturbate and fondle their bodies. If that’s not enough to quench your erotic thirst, and you want to see a girl play with sex-shop toys or come with a squirting orgasm — most probably you’ll want to invite her to the “private chat”.

Of course "Web Girls" is not an ideal videochat. Its design is pretty simple and modest (what probably will be a merit for those with slow Internet connection). Also, moderators here keep a weary on chat messages and ban for exchanging personal contact details with models; while on it is not considered a big offence, on any messages with personal details (instant messenger IDs, emails or phone numbers, etc.) are sorted out automatically, which leads to your account being blocked by the system. Therefore, if you wish to propose a virtual sex by Skype for a model — you better think of some disguised way to tell that (for example, you can say that in a private chat which is not monitored). Another disadvantage of this site is the video screen size being comparatively small, hence the picture of online erotic show is a bit blurred in full screen mode. On the other hand, the very low price for watching private shows makes up for these drawbacks in full! It’s a commonly known fact that the majority of Russian webmodels work simultaneously on a number of webcam sites, so when she goes in a private show at any of them — you can go to a “paid chat” on at the same time and enjoy the same private show for as low as $0.2 per minute!

By the way, I’ll share a small secret with you. On "Web-Girls" you see the same video as broadcast on other Russian webcam chats, but since this erotic chat is not that popular, girls often forget to switch off their webcamera when going to a private on some other site, and then all the viewers at can watch their erotic shows without paying a single cent! That doesn’t happen often, still it happens from time to time ;)


Summing Up: Erotic webcam chat will the a perfect choice for those willing to watch Russian private shows as cheap as possible, even at the cost of quality (since the models are all the same on all webcam sites).

Erotic video-chat «Web-Girls»




Runetki — is a new erotic videochat with Russian girls, which inherited the best features (and the best webmodels ;)) of the two aforementioned older sites, and introduced many new and interesting ideas to Russian webcam.

The first distinctive feature that makes this erotic videoachat stand out of the likes — is big photos of the girls in virtual chat rooms; upon hovering the cursor, a static avatar photo turns into a mini-screen where you can see what a webmodel is doing right now. This is a very smart idea (which was later adopted by as well), since nude girls are the main attraction on webcam chats, which allure visitors, and this trick gives you a possibility to see right on the spot what a girl looks like, what dress she is in at the certain moment of time, and what to expect when entering her private room.

Another peculiarity of this adult chat is a large collection of private shows recorded for viewing online at any time, for special fee. As a matter of fact, it allows you to watch erotic private shows of the best Russian teen models in webcam, for the price as low as $0.3 per minute of a show where a web-model of your choice strips full naked, play with her pussy and tits, and cum in front of the webcamera. The only disadvantage of a recorded video-show is absence of any interactivity: you won’t have an opportunity to try yourself as a porn movie director with an obedient girl doing anything you instruct her to do... But if you need interactivity — welcome to online private shows, where luscious Russian webmodels will do anything you wish. A private show with a webcam model costs $3.5/min, while staying in a paid chat will cost you $1/min.

For those willing for more interactive and live webcam communication, a paid chat on Runetki allows using your webcamera in a cam2cam mode (which is available only in private chat on other Russian webcam videochats) and chat with a model tet-à-tet, so that your chat will be confidential and only you and the model will see the messages, even if there are many people in the room at the same time. For voyeurists and those who like peeping as the models undress online — there’s a “peeping” option for as low as $0.7./min; the only cheaper option is offline striptease — this is in the offline private shows, available on the site, as described above.

For those preferring erotic photos to videos, there’s also an erotic photo-blog with photos of naked models outdoors, at picnics, beaches, and in everyday life, with their comments and descriptions to each photo. One can find photos at any taste there: a young beauty with piercing in nipples and clit posing with her big tits smudged in motor oil, or a teen with cute D-size boobs playing in warm sea waves, or amateur photos of a ten model in bathroom… The photo collection is growing each day, so visit it regularly to see new nude pics of models. And then don’t hesitate to discuss a new photoset with the model in the private chat room.

For those demanding for HQ video streaming, Runetki offer the best quality in the highest possible screen resolution for video! If you see “HD” or “HQ” displayed on a webmodel’s avatar — it means that the model broadcasts high-definition video through her webcamera. And after you watch an HD webcam show once in a life — you are never going back to conventional low-resolution screens. Generally, the rules prohibit to show tits and pussy in a free chat, still it’s not a rare case to see a topless model in fron of a webcamera even in a free chat, let alone paid or discounted chats.

By the way, speaking of discounts, here’s some interesting information. The administrators of this Russian adult videochat gave a possibility for natural born machos to get discounts: if you easily break hearts of young chicks and can effortlessly make her undress either in front of a webcamera or in real life — try your chances in communication with these timid Russian models, and if she would like your style in communication or in cam2cam — she may add you to her “Favourites” list, thus granting a 10% discount for all her private shows and paid chats. And for those who are new to the erotic world of webcam, there’s a special tutorial video describing the essence of private erotic shows, the site functionality and the rules for chatting and buying credits.


Summing Up: I would definitely recommend this adult videochat both for those making their first steps to the sexy world of Russian webcam chats, and for those who have tried everything on the two other sites and is willing to see new webmodels and experience new sensations. You are welcome ;)